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Can not find software that meets your needs? This is normal because your activity, your way of working, your needs ... are unique!

The specific software is a software specially developed to provide a solution tailored to your needs thanks to:

  • A personalized audit to optimize the flow of information
  • Features adapted to your business with a less complex interface (no superfluous functions!) Thus saving time and productivity
  • An evolutionary solution according to your needs: 100% made to measure!
  • Respect of your business constraints
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We build adapted solutions

Software Development | The power of the web

The power of the web

We design your application with technologies adapted to our time.

This is why we prefer the development of web applications that are primarily programs that can be used from an Internet browser. They do not require any installation on the users' computers.

Software Development Otimbi Labs

Collaboration & Innovation

These are above all collaborative and professional applications rich in features and different from simple "websites".

A simple web browser is enough. This eliminates the constraints inherent to multiple operating systems (Mac, Windows or Linux) as well as those of different platforms (PCs, tablets and smartphones).

Software Development Otimbi Labs

Anywhere, Wherever

Thus, access to the application can be done permanently, from anywhere in the world when the user has an Internet connection; in this case it is an "extranet" access. However, you can reserve access to your application only to your company's internal network, also known as the "intranet".

Fits your needs

Fits to your needs

Your specific software is adapted to your organization and your business constraints without having a surplus of features that do not serve you. A study of your needs is carried out before any specific development proposal.



The use of your software is then simplified with a clean and clear interface. Each user has access to the functionalities which concern him thanks to a management of the rights by user or group of users.



In addition to corrective maintenance, we can implement a scalable maintenance (TMA contract) according to the needs of your company to support you throughout the growth of your business and meet its new needs.

Value added

Value added

Thanks to this new software solution, you value your company and your know-how through a knowledge exchange throughout your company. Everything is centralized from a single tool.



Our team is listening to your users, involved in the design of the software, to get into the heart of your business and have a better understanding of your business and therefore your needs.

Easy appropriation

Easy Appropriation

Since they are engaged from the beginning in the project, the users have a better appropriation of the software. Everyone carries ideas and users are in the best position to give their opinion.

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