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$700 one-time payment
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  • Custom Otimbi Sites CMS
  • 1 Premium Theme
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5 Reasons your company needs a website

Why Otimbi Labs?

Quality & Design

We develop quality projects and do not hesitate to propose innovative solutions to improve performance and time.

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Logo and graphic identity

Achieve virtually any look. We take care of how customers percieve your brand.

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Ergonomics, UX, wireframe and storyboard

We imagine everything that can make your website original, effective and adapted to your needs.

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Ergonomics audit

Have a website already? We can audit your website and determine what you need in order to strive.

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We are security freaks

We provide secured solutions. Websites that we build are protected against common hacking techniques.

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We focus on what matters

We carry out a clean web and mobile design with great care for ergonomics and typography.

It is essential that the design, first impression experienced by users, be neat and carry the message you want to convey.

Key strengths

User Experience matters

From the logo to the graphic chart, via a thoughtful ergonomics, it is not just a question of filling pixels but of putting the UX (User eXperience or user experience) at the center of the creation process.

An aesthetic and convincing design is always a challenge. We imagine everything that can make it original, effective and adapted to your needs.

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Responsive Design

In this mobile-centric world, we build websites that can be confortable both on mobile devices and desktops.

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Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps

We are in constant search for the optimal solution is the source of our developments and algorithms.

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We are performance freaks. We focus on making websites fast and reliable.

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Qualitative data analysis

If you currently have a website, we will analyze it in order to provide you with insightful feedbacks


Simple and affordable pricing

We are committed to providing affordable web solutions for companies

Starter Website

$ 700 / site
+ $50 setup fees

One time fee, no hidden fees

  • Free comprehensive support
  • Unlimited pages
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ready in 1 week*
  • Free SSL Certificate what is it?
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A starter website comes with the basic components needed to be run smoothly. By default, it comes with Otimbi CMS. Our in-house content management system dedicated for companies. It also comes with a free logo.
Yes! We do offer different plans suited for different needs. Please, contact us for more information.
We do offer 1 year of free hosting and domain name (.com, .org, .net) in the plan. You will need to renew it after one year.
Once you order your website, you will be assigned an Otimbi ID that you will be used to track the progress of your project.
You will be able to discuss in real time with our team for faster service and support via our Slack Channel.
Yes, we provide complementary e-mail addresses ( with our e-mail providing partners.
Please, go over our refunds policy to learn more about this specific matter.
After you have submitted all the requirements for your website, it takes 7 days to develop it.
*if you decide to have custom elements, the pricing may vary, therefore, it will take more than 7 days to ship the website to you.
As an Otimbi Labs Customer, please login to your customer portal and submit a ticket.

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Reach out to our webdesign experts.

We will provide a free quote within 24 hours taking into accounts your requirements.

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